(j3.2006) Librarian stuff

Jim Xia jimxia
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I'll submit 07-249r1 with edits as Malcolm suggested.


Jim Xia

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(j3.2006) Librarian stuff


I still need 07-249r1 and 07-248r2, unless you can convince me
that my notes are wrong from 181.  These were interps processed
by data.  The originals were from Malcolm and Jim.  I can't recall
who promised the post r+1s.  As soon as I get them, the treasurer's
report and the minutes, I'll close 181 and reconfigure the site
for 182.

I've been trying to fix the web site a bit.  I've fixed a few links.
The standing documents section is in the worst shape now.

005 and 010 have been updated, with links provided to papers (010)
and to meetings (005).  The other standing docs are
in a some-ok and some-not state.

Members are encouraged to check through the standing documents
to see if there's anything they want to fix.  :-)

Specifically, please verify your contact info in 001.  TIA


Dan Nagle
Purple Sage Computing Solutions, Inc.
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