(j3.2006) CT22 report

Dan Nagle dannagle
Wed Aug 22 16:56:00 EDT 2007


I spent today at the CT22 meeting at INCITS offices.

The US will support Bill as editor of the C interop TR,
and the slip in the schedule as decided at 181.
The ANSI (Sally Seitz) will contact John Reid to learn
the specific concerns about publishing more corrigenda,
and the US is generally supportive of publishing them.

I left after the discussion of 754r, as no further agenda items
affected Fortran.

BTW, WG14 is supporting the TR, so thanks to Craig and all
who kept the liaison efforts going.  They appreciate
the effort to comport with their style when describing
their language.


Dan Nagle
Purple Sage Computing Solutions, Inc.

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