(j3.2006) Integration of co-arrays with the intrinsic shift functions

Aleksandar Donev donev1
Sat Aug 11 16:40:22 EDT 2007

> I believe this is an absolutely critical point.  I have been 
> commissioned at Los Alamos to develop a strategic plan for software 
> tools and programming models to cover the next 10 years.
Sorry you couldn't come to London. Let's talk on the phone next week 
when I return so I can update you and so we can have a discussion about 
future approach and DOE interests in CAF. Also, I would like to learn 
more about the new cell+AMD machine you are building and how you expect 
to program for it (especially compile).
Let me know when you are around. I will be back at work Tuesday.
Hope you are well healthwise as well,

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