(j3.2006) 2008 WG5 in Japan?

Toon Moene toon
Sat Apr 28 07:35:49 EDT 2007

Bill Long wrote:

> Yes, by the usual definition of "notorious". The "top ten" most 
> expensive cities (from The Economist Group) are:
> 1. Oslo

This has already been addressed by John Reid, but to just inject some 
reality into this thread: Oslo might be number one according to this 
elusive economists group (lies, damn lies and economics) but I just 
returned from a working week at met.no, the Norwegian Meteorological 

We stayed at a hotel within walking distance from the central train 
station (important, because the fast train to the airport leaves from 
that station - 170 kr = 15 Euro one way).

Transport to met.no (5 stops with the metro, 15 minutes: 210 kr for 7 
days = 18 Euro).

Stay in the (arguably, budget) hotel: 2825 kr for 5 nights = 32.5 Euros 
per night.

Hope this helps,

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