(j3.2006) Jeanne Adams

Lawrie Schonfelder j.l.schonfelder
Mon Apr 23 09:38:20 EDT 2007

It was with sadness that I read this email.

Jeanne Adams managed to chair a fractious J3 committee, often with over 50 members, with fortitude and humour for a long
and difficult period. Her style defused rows in the committee and in most cases she saw to it that members with
diametrically opposed views remained polite and technically focussed; often she facilitated enduring friendships between
such members. Above all Jeanne made attending J3 meetings fun as well as productive. She will be missed by those of us
who knew her.

Lawrie Schonfelder
Wirral, UK

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> To those who remember Jeanne Adams:
> I just learned from Jeanne' Adams' daughter that she passed away
> yesterday.  It was unexpected. There will probably be some kind of
> service next weekend, but there are no firm plans as yet.
> - Jeanne Martin
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