(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3446) Jeanne Adams

John Reid j.k.reid
Mon Apr 23 04:54:20 EDT 2007


I was very sorry to hear that from Jeanne Martin that Jeanne Adams died on 

The Fortran community and I personally have benefited greatly from her 
leadership. She was Chair of X3J3 for the whole period of the development of 
Fortran 90. There was a lot of controversy, during which she was determined to 
ensure that all points of view were heard that there was a friendly personal 
atmosphere outside the committee meetings, particularly at FIDS. I learned a lot 
from her about how to run meetings and maximize consensus, ideas that I applied 
as Chair of Governors of my local secondary school and have tried to follow as 
Convener of WG5.

She was hugely disappointed by the delays in completing Fortran 90 and made 
strenous efforts to speed things up, but the difficulties were severe. Better 
late than never!

It has been very sad to see her declining health since that time. She worked 
hard to overcome these problems, just as she did for the Fortran Standard.

Thank you, Jeanne.

John Reid.

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