(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.3445) 2008 WG5 in Japan?

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Mon Apr 23 03:39:34 EDT 2007

Bill Long said:
> Malcolm Cohen wrote:
> >Japan is notoriously expensive?  
> >
> Yes, by the usual definition of "notorious".

Well, one might expect there to be something about "expensive"
there too.

I would have expected bean-counters would tend to go on the actual cost,
i.e. how much you are asking for, not whether something had a reputation
in the 1980s for being expensive.

> The "top ten" most 
> expensive cities (from The Economist Group) are:

Yes, I've read such reports before, and they're full of it.

Most of us are likely never to stay in the hotels that those guys stay
in; how their prices compare doesn't have that much correlation with how
much ordinary things cost.

> If reasonable hotels are available that would be great.  Certainly 
> Jane's efforts to secure reasonable housing in London have been a big 
> help for the August meeting.  (Note that, despite the observations about 
> cost, I am willing to argue for an exception and attend a meeting in Tokyo.)
> I would be interesting to figure out the WG5 meeting location that 
> involved the minimum total travel distance for the usual attendees 
> (rounded to the nearest land mass).  I suspect it would be somewhere in 
> New England or eastern Canada.

Depending on how you count "usual".  The norm for a US-held meeting
perhaps, but not for most European meetings I have been to.

As I wrote before, WG5 is (still) an international committee.  The USA
does not usually have any problem assembling a large delegation,
wherever it is held.  Other countries do seem to have problems sending
delegations to far places all the time.

........................Malcolm Cohen (malcolm at nag-j.co.jp), Nihon NAG, Tokyo.

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