(j3.2006) [Fwd: the server is back]

Dan Nagle dannagle
Sat Apr 21 11:04:33 EDT 2007


After some work by Rich and myself, the server seems
to be resurrected.

Briefly, it crashed (I think) from a power failure,
with its disks in a bad state so that it couldn't reboot.

Rich and I have rebuilt the system, and got it re-registered
with Red Hat so it can be updated.  It's now up-to-date
with a shiny new kernel.

I've added a data cable between the UPS and the server.
Rich is working on getting something to run on the server
to handle shutdown and restart.

I'm sorry it took so long but it really was a hard crash,
the OS was completely re-installed, and the site rebuilt.

I've put directories in ~member for the days of the week
and the subgroups.  I didn't put them under a meeting number,
since everyone seems to know which meeting it is.  :-)

Both librarian and member share a j3 group.
That may simplify permissions and so forth.

Please advise directly Rich and myself if there's a problem
with the server.


Dan Nagle
Purple Sage Computing Solutions, Inc.

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