(j3.2006) Tar file + wget and intrinsics indexing

Van Snyder van.snyder
Wed Apr 11 14:02:59 EDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-04-11 at 10:09 -0700, Aleksandar Donev wrote:
> For the 07-007: Is there anyway we can make it easier to find a
> specific intrinsic when one need it? Maybe make the PDF bookmarks go
> to full section depth? I find it too difficult to find, for example,
> FORM_TEAM, when I need it.

This was intentionally not done when the LaTeX conversion was done
because the Frame version didn't go to depth 3 in Clause 13.  It's
trivial to change if we decide to do so.

Alternatives are to make entries in the summary in 13.5 into hot links,
to put the procedures in the index, or to use CTRL-F in Acrobat.  One
advantage of the index over the TOC is that it's set in two columns.
The macro that sets the subclause heading for the intrinsic procedures
(also used for procedures in the intrinsic modules) takes the procedure
name and arguments as separate arguments, so it would be easy to index
the names.

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