(j3.2006) Another geezer geek reunion?

John Reid j.k.reid
Fri Dec 22 12:08:21 EST 2006

Bill Long wrote:
> Van Snyder wrote:
>>Peter Crouch <pccrouch at bcs.org.uk> is organizing a UK celebration of 50
>>years of Fortran, about which I recently sent an announcement to the J3
>>list.  He is surprised that there is no news of a US celebration.  Is J3
>>interested to repeat the geezer geek reunion?
>  From J3's point of view the celebration really should have been last 
> October, 50 years after the document publication date. (We did, in fact, 
> note the October 15 date internally at Cray.)  But, the November J3 
> meeting was packed with editing work for 007, so there is not much time 
> for a party.  I strongly suspect the February and May meetings will be 
> equally busy and that a concurrent geezer reunion would be distracting.  
> Also, it would seem to make more sense to have a geezer reunion at a 
> joint WG5/J3 meeting.  Maybe at the end of the F2008 process would be a 
> better time.

Here, here! Organizing a reunion is a lot of work and for a good turnout, people 
need plenty of notice. Another when F2008 is done sounds an excellent idea to me.

Happy Christmas to all,


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