(j3.2006) Another geezer geek reunion?

Bill Long longb
Thu Dec 21 18:25:59 EST 2006

Van Snyder wrote:

>Peter Crouch <pccrouch at bcs.org.uk> is organizing a UK celebration of 50
>years of Fortran, about which I recently sent an announcement to the J3
>list.  He is surprised that there is no news of a US celebration.  Is J3
>interested to repeat the geezer geek reunion?
>Paul McJones of the Software Conservation Committee at the Computer
>History Museum in Mountain View, CA (cool address: 1401 Shoreline Blvd.)
>was the originator of the announcement that I recently sent.
>There might be a chance to collaborate with SCC/CHM if J3 were to have a
>meeting in Mountain View or San Jose or Sunnyvale this year.  Hey Mike:
>Since you're scheduled as acting host for the May meeting, do you want
>to have it near home, or do you prefer Lost Wages?  If Mike wants it
>near his home base, does anybody object to moving the May meeting to the
>Bay Area?  Maybe we could have the geezer geek reunion at the Computer
>History Museum?  They have some spacious meeting rooms.

But do they have a $64 hotel with room internet connections and free 
transport between the hotel and airport?  Features that would match Las 
Vegas and also benefit the (other) geezers who might attend.    Since we 
already have one expensive meeting scheduled for 2007 overall cost is an 
issue for those whose budgets are already set.  (Of course, for Mike, 
Aleks, Jeanne, and Chris this location could be much cheaper.)

On the other hand, if moving the location also involved changing the 
time (to a week earlier or later than the current schedule), I might be 
more interested.


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