(j3.2006) Specification part in every <block>, not just BLOCK?

Van Snyder van.snyder
Thu Dec 21 18:10:14 EST 2006

I have a subroutine that has an optional argument.  If the optional
argument is present, the calculation needs a work array having a
dimension that is the same size as the optional argument.  Rather than
making the work array an allocatable or pointer, I'd like to make it an
automatic array.  This means I have to put the part of the calculation
that is triggered by the presence of the argument into an internal
subroutine.  In Fortran 2008, I'd put the stuff in a BLOCK:

  if ( present(z_basis) ) then
      real(rp) :: ETA_T2(size(vert_inds),size(z_basis))
    end block
  end if

It would be easier if I could write

  if ( present(z_basis) ) then
    real(rp) :: ETA_T2(size(vert_inds),size(z_basis))
  end if

There doesn't seem to be a technical problem with creeping the feature
of construct-scoped variables to the <block> in each part of an IF or
SELECT construct.  The words in the standard aren't very difficult
either: mostly (but not exclusively) changing BLOCK to <block> in a few

If the feature were crept to the <block> in DO constructs there is some
question whether we should or should not allow the DO induction variable
to appear in a dimension or length expression.  I suppose optimizers
could figure out which ones would need to be created and destroyed on
each iteration and which ones could be hoisted out.

Is allowing a <specification-part> before the <block> in each branch of
IF and SELECT constructs a bridge too far?

How about putting <specification-part> within <block>, so it's available
in every construct?

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