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Several of our friends are speaking....

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For some months I've been in email communication with Peter Crouch, 
chairman of the British Computer Society's Fortran Specialist Group. 
The Fortran SG and the Computer Conservation Society are jointly 
organizing a meeting to celebrate "Fifty Years of Fortran" on January 
25th, 2007, in London. Peter tells me they currently have 44 attendees, 
including 11 speakers. Here's the announcement:


Also, attached to this message is a two-page article by Peter from the 
November 2006 issue of ITNOW, the BCS membership magazine that gives a 
nice summary of Fortran's history and current status (Fortran 2003 was 
published by ISO/IEC in November 2004). The references include "The 
Fortran Collection at the Computer History Museum" (specifically, the 
SCC), and Peter has used these materials in preparing his talk for the 
January meeting.

Peter asked me, "Do you know if anything is going to happen in the US in 
2007 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary?" Unfortunately in all my 
discussions with Fortran standards people, History of Programming 
Languages Conference people, IBM people, and CHM people, I know of no 
such effort.  How about you?


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