(j3.2006) J3 domain name move update

Rich Bleikamp rich
Sat Dec 16 19:52:22 EST 2006

The j3-fortran.org domain name now points at the GMU server (j3.scs.gmu.edu), although not all the DNS's on the internet have been updated yet (12-72 hours typically).

Email that I sent to j3-fortran.org did go thru the new server, but this may not be reliable for another day or two.

Browsing to j3-fortran.org takes me to a register.com 'Coming Soon' web page, which is probably an artifact of how the domain name servers were changed, and should correct itself soon. If not, you can start using the new web server at j3.scs.gmu.edu. This name should always work fine, for browsing or sending email (j3 at j3.scs.gmu.edu).

The web site still contains some references to the rose-hulman server, which we'll be fixing in the next week or so.

Mallory, please don't have the rose-hulman server shut down yet, I'm still trying to figure out how to salvage the attachments to the messages in the email archives (i have copied all the email archives to the new server).


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