(j3.2006) Email lists will be unavailable tomorrow

Rich Bleikamp rich
Fri Dec 15 14:45:52 EST 2006

I will attempting to move the j3-fortran.org domain name from the Rose-Hulman server to the new George Mason server, tomorrow, starting sometime in the morning (US Central time).

After the move is complete, I will send out another email, thru the new server, to this same email list.

While the domain name is being moved, the web site and email lists might not behave normally.
After the move is complete, the Rose-Hulman server will be shut down. The j3-fortran.org email lists and web site should work as before (although some fixes are needed on the web site), and ftp access to meeting documents will have to be done as we did as the last meeting (secure ftp or similar protocol). 


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