(j3.2006) question on token replacement/concatenation

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Tue Dec 5 23:26:13 EST 2006

Aleksandar Donev said:
> The kind of restriction in the BNF that I am thinking of is limiting macro 
> actual arguments to names, names followed by "(...)", constants, type specs, 
> keywords (maybe this is the same as names, but how about "sync all"), and 
> expressions (without the typing rules of course).

Well, of course I think this is an absolutely dreadful idea.
(It would make more sense to limit co-arrays to only being available
in COMMON blocks.)  There are so many problems with it that I
wouldn't know where to start.  This isn't improving anything, it
is going to extraordinary lengths to try to ruin it.

Furthermore, it is out of order.  I am not joking.

WG5 agreed the requirements.

J3 passed the specs.

J3 passed the syntax.

J3 passed the edits.

We are now half-way through document review.

........................Malcolm Cohen (malcolm at nag-j.co.jp), Nihon NAG, Tokyo.

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