(j3.2006) (j3.2005) question on token replacement/concatenation

Dick Hendrickson dick.hendrickson
Sat Dec 2 12:58:42 EST 2006

I tried to send this a couple of days ago, but the mailer rejected
me.  It's probably stale now, but i still don't know the answer.


  Aleksandar Donev wrote:
> On Thursday 30 November 2006 11:23, Michael Ingrassia wrote:
>>  3 %% .14159 %% E %% + %% 0
> First, did you mean to put spaces after the 3, around the E, etc.? Is 
> this fixed or free source form?
> I ask because the token's in the concatenation must be *single* 
> lexical tokens, which are defined as:
> "Lexical tokens are sequences of characters that constitute the 
> building blocks of a program. They are keywords, names, literal 
> constants other than complex literal constants, operators, labels, 
> delimiters, comma, =, =>, :, ::, ;, and %."

  I've asked this before, but I don't remember the answer.  What sort of
  lexical token is the "E"?  It doesn't seem to match anything in the list.

  Dick Hendrickson

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