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Subject: [incits-chairs] Posted: Revised INCITS/RD-2, Organization and  
Procedures - Version 2008.05.08 - Update your bookmarks

To INCITS Executive Board and INCITS Technical Committee and Task  
Group Officers –

The INCITS/RD-2, Organization and Procedures has been revised and is  
being circulated to members for immediate use.

The current INCITS/RD-2 is ‘Version 2008.05.08’, has been assigned  
document number ‘in080568’ and is accessible athttp://www.incits.org/rd2/in080568.pdf 
.  Please remember to update your bookmarks and inform your committee  

The changes that are incorporated in this updated version are  
documented on the revision history page of the INCITS/RD-2 with a  
summary is provided below:

·         Section 4.2.1 – Participation
·         Section - Technical Committees, TGs and SGs
·         Section - TGs
·         Section – Emeritus Members
·         Section 4.3 - Meetings
·         Section – Executive Board Letter Ballot Resolution  
·         Section 4.6 - Training
·         Section 5.8 – Appeals Procedures

In addition, a redline version of the INCITS/RD-2 is available from  
the INCITS home page for those interested in viewing the changes from  
the previous version.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


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Dan Nagle

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