(js-ustag.2006) Draft agenda for TAG meeting

Van Snyder Van.Snyder at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Nov 23 16:19:54 EST 2010

Here's another try at sending the draft agenda for the TAG meeting at
194.  Maybe I'll remember to attach it this time.

AFAIK at this time, the only action item is to form the delegation for
the Garching meeting.

Should Donev and Wallin be included in the delegation?

Should anybody be added?


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           Draft Agenda for PL22.3-USTAG Meeting 194
            4:15-4:30 PM, Thursday 17 February 2011

1. Opening business                                V. Snyder
     Remarks from the chair                        V. Snyder
     Adoption of agenda                            V. Snyder
     Approval of Meeting 192 minutes (10-T16)      V. Snyder
     INCITS/OMC report (if any)                    V. Snyder
     Comments from members

2. Old business (if any )                          V. Snyder

3. Form delegation for WG5 meeting in Garching     V. Snyder

4. New business (if any)                           V. Snyder

5. Closing business                                V. Snyder
     Review of action items (if any)               V. Snyder
     Future Meetings                               V. Snyder
     Comments from members

6. Adjournment


     "The US delegation to the meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG5, to be
     held in Garching, Bavaria, Germany, on 27 June--1 July 2011, shall
     consist of all members of PL22.3, and their alternates, who are
     residents of the United States or are employed by the United States
     Government or a United States domiciled corporation, and who do not
     represent another delegation.  The US delegation includes but is
     not limited to:

        Joanne Brixius
        Robert Corbett
        Aleksandar Donev
        Steve Lionel
        Bill Long
        Jeanne Martin
        Lorri Menard
        Dan Nagle
        Craig Rasmussen
        Van Snyder
        John Wallin
        Stan Whitlock"

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