(j3-members.2015) please dial confcall

Daniel C Chen cdchen at ca.ibm.com
Wed Aug 16 11:23:46 MDT 2017

It seems the old password didn't work for the new meeting.


XL Fortran Development, Fortran Standard Representative
IBM Toronto Software Lab
Phone: 905-413-3056
Tie: 969-3056
Email: cdchen at ca.ibm.com

From:	Dan Nagle <dnagle at ucar.edu>
To:	J3 Members List <j3-members at j3-fortran.org>
Date:	08/16/2017 01:12 PM
Subject:	(j3-members.2015) please dial confcall
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tel 650 479 3208

meeting 738 401 220



Dan Nagle
dnagle at ucar.edu

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